Founded in 1977, P&G Electrical rebuilders began as a one man shop servicing the light duty starter and alternator marketplace. Seeing the need for new, rebuilt and exchange units for larger equipment; we expanded and began specializing in heavy duty and industrial equipment.

As demand increased we added an additional location to better serve our growing customer base: our Bensenville location open its doors in August of 1997. Both of our locations are full service facilities maintaining well stocked inventories and performing all rebuilding in house.

In May of 1999 we acquired the electrical rebuilding portion of Keene Ignition, Inc. Originally located in Chicago, Keene Ignition specialized in electrical rebuilding. After the acquisition, Keene’s staff and shop were merged into our Bridgeview facility. To reflect this change, we renamed our newly united company P&G Keene Electrical Rebuilders, LLC.

P&G Keene Electrical Rebuilders has become one of the largest and most trusted heavy duty and industrial electrical remanufactures in the Midwest. The name P&G Keene has become synonymous with great people, unsurpassed quality and fantastic customer service.


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